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QuickManifolds® is a new and revolutionary service by VEST to automatically design hydraulic manifolds.

Imagine you have to bid on a complex hydraulic manifold circuit, something that cannot be easily estimated. A designer would take several hours to design a solution and is too busy with projects to spend time on a new estimate. On the other hand, the customer is waiting for a quick offer. He would like to see a preview of what the manifold would look like, to make sure it would fit on his system. There is pressure to satisfy the customer’s needs as quickly as possible.
What are your options? You could either tell the customer you are too busy, interrupt other designs in progress in order to estimate the possible new business, or provide an inaccurate estimate. None of these options are good for your business.
Now there is another way! Spend a few minutes drawing the manifold circuit, choose the right components, decide where you want ports and valves, set up a few other parameters and let QuickManifolds design the manifold for you. QuickManifolds will design your manifold in minutes. It works for you on demand, night and day, during lunch, and even during weekends. You can submit your designs in the evening before leaving the office and collect them in the morning, complete with manufacturing drawings and bore charts.
QuickManifolds is a trusted designer. It can be set up to follow your company standards, and specific design constraints. For example:
– Minimum wall thickness, to have a secure and producible manifold
– Manifold faces choice, decide where you want to have ports and valves to obtain an fine design
– Possibility to constraint valves and ports in precise manifold positions
– Possibility to align valves and ports
– X-Drill cavity choice (BSP, SAE rather than expander plugs or “mixed solutions”)
– Automatically create angular connections for dual pilot operated check valves
– Maximum diameter option, to reduce pressure drops
– Standard drill dimension library, standard material library
– Mounting holes face position
– Outline dimensions for cavities, footprints, ports
– Standard library with most of fluid power OEM cavities, customizable
– For VEST MDTools® users, possibility to use MDTools library
QuickManifolds is an on-demand designer; you can call on it whenever you need it.
QuickManifolds designs your manifolds automatically, taking care of your constraints.
QuickManifolds optimizes manifold designs by minimizing hole numbers, drill depth and dimensions.
Moreover, QuickManifolds is not a closed box. If you need to move a cavity or a port from one face to another you can easily revise the QuickManifolds input, and resubmit your design.
If a designer is using MDTools software to design hydraulic manifolds within Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks, he can edit the QuickManifolds designed block with MDTools. With a few clicks he can modify dimensions, move or replace cavities, check manufacturability and connections; and re-create machining drawings within minutes. QuickManifolds is powered by VEST patented* AutoRouter technology. MDTools is a VEST solution to design hydraulic manifolds.

*US Patent# 7558713

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