HyDraw CAD2018 overview

HyDraw CAD2018 is ready for release with many new functionalities like:

  • new search for symbols by component type
  • enhanced search for components with advanced data filters
  • schematic check
  • jumping references
  • fully redesigned sub-system management
  • sub-system as super component with child items

and much more, please find below an overview video of main functionalities

HyDraw CAD 900 – preview

Few days before HyDraw CAD900 release, a preview video of main new features:

New Convert commands enhance HyDraw CAD users with the ability to quickly transform a dummy dwg circuit into a smart schematic.
Modify your legacy drawings has never been so easy, with the ability to link model data, interface with your ERP system, check for connection errors, extract bill of material, export informations to design a manifold with MDTools.

If you want to watch a demo, feel free to contact me

MDTools 755, released

MDTools 755 for Autodesk Inventor has been released, compatible with Autodesk Inventor 2015, 2014 and 2013.

VEST professional hydraulic manifolds design software is growing, year by year, to provide extensive features and powerful solutions to address a complex engineering problem.

designed with MDTools 755

a 500 drill holes manifold designed in less than 3 days with MDTools 755 for Autodesk Inventor

what’s new page here

  • Enhanced shrink wrap command, working in assembly environment and automatically creating a simplified solid model without construction ports.
  • Update assembly commands, to quickly update assembly constraints even if you change face to a cavity
  • Conformance to schematic check: ability to check circuit, cavities, type of connections, flow rate
  • Keep existing machining IDs, helpful if you handle revisions
  • New assembly interface
  • much more….

want to evaluate MDTools? and your MDTools Material Library

This short article will explain you how to select your MDTools Material library within QuickManifolds interface. In this way you can get a manifold with a material X-section belonging to your standard production.

Quickmanifolds can read your MDTools material library, like he does with your MDTools cavity library.
Please make sure you have some data in your material library, at least most used X-sections from your warehouse.

Example of MDTools Material Library

Example of MDTools Material Library

Please verify that under HyDraw options, QuickManifolds tab, you set your correct MDTools library path (otherwise quickmanifolds will use its standard cavity library and x-section)

‘Design’ tab: please select the material library you want quickmanifolds to start with.
You should do the same with construction ports library.

Select material library and construction ports

Quickmanifolds will deliver you a manifold with a x-section from your library. In this case it’s a 100×100 mm manifold designed with Patented Autorouter Technology by

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MDTools 750 released

MDTools 750 released, power to design:

  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Check for Velocity Hot Spots in Blocks
  • Energy Efficient Smooth Bends
  • Energy Efficient Connections
  • Energy Efficient Construction Port
  • User Interface Improved
  • Re-organized Ribbon Menu
  • Ribbon Menu Optimized for Large Sized Icons
  • Context Flyout
  • Cavity Library Integrated within the Browser
  • Cavity and Connectivity Browser Enhanced
  • New Interactive Functionality
  • Stretch Block
  • Stretch and Incline Drill
  • Move Cavity or Footprint – Dragging
  • New Checking Functionality
  • Wall thickness Check – Consolidated
  • Check Connection for Offset
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mounting Holes with Preview
  • Set Manufacturing Precision
  • HyDraw to MDTools Integration
  • Port Info Captured through Schematic Interface
  • Auto Assemble

more info…

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HyDraw V600 demo

A full video describing HyDraw V600 from VEST, inc for Microsoft Visio.
The video describes main functions to draw circuits, create a part list, manage display formats, ERP interface, manage the library, send a circuit to and much more…

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