QuickManifolds Viewer

QuickManifolds Viewer was developed for QuickManifolds users to help them taking a look at automatically designed manifold: it is a free, light viewer that can be installed on multiple computers.
QuickManifolds viewer reads a mbxml file that contains manifold project informations, .mbxml files can be created with MDTools.

Imagine you have designed your block with MDTools, with automatically created machining drawing, automatic assembly…. and you want your manufacturer to produce your manifold.

You can send him a .mbxml file together with the machining drawing, he needs to have QuickManifolds viewer installed in his machine. He will be able to view the 3d block without the need for specific CAD software, look at internal connections, select single cavities or net, he can quickly understand how the manifold is designed in a intuitive 3D environment.
Take a look at this video:

You can download QuickManifolds Viewer from this link