Step to MDTools converter

  • You are a manifold block manufacturer
  • You can design manifolds but most of your products come from other designers with different CAD system
  • You would like to quote your manifolds, quickly
  • Sometimes that manifold you have to produce has errors, and you recognize them once it’s too late. That makes you spend lot of money.
  • Sometimes you suggest design modifications to your customer
  • Sometimes you have to check the circuit of a manifold, and it’s not easy if the 3d model comes from another cad system

If your profile matches somehow this list, you may be interested in a solutions’ portfolio I can show you. contact me!

MDTools is technology, the state of the art for the hydraulic manifold design process.

WIth MDTools you can design in half of the time, within your CAD platform ((Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor), with hidden costs reduction (manifodl design errors), wall thickness check, circuit check, quality of connections, manufacturability, energy efficiency…

STEP2MDTools converter let you read a solid 3d model in Step format (it could come from any 3D CAD system in the world) and convert it in a .mbxml file which can be imported in MDTools.
From here onwards it’s like YOU had designed that hydraulic manifold!

  • you may use quotation system to quote the manifold in real time
  • you can check wall thickness and wrong connections
  • you can quickly modify the manifold and show them to your customer in a fast and clear way
  • you can extract a manifold net list, so you can check the hydraulic circuit
  • you can use the imported manifold to talk to your CAM system

If you use MDTools as your main application for your manifold design business, VEST  can offer you a complete solutions’ pack to help your business.