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MDTools 755, released

MDTools 755 for Autodesk Inventor has been released, compatible with Autodesk Inventor 2015, 2014 and 2013.

VEST professional hydraulic manifolds design software is growing, year by year, to provide extensive features and powerful solutions to address a complex engineering problem.

designed with MDTools 755

a 500 drill holes manifold designed in less than 3 days with MDTools 755 for Autodesk Inventor

what’s new page here

  • Enhanced shrink wrap command, working in assembly environment and automatically creating a simplified solid model without construction ports.
  • Update assembly commands, to quickly update assembly constraints even if you change face to a cavity
  • Conformance to schematic check: ability to check circuit, cavities, type of connections, flow rate
  • Keep existing machining IDs, helpful if you handle revisions
  • New assembly interface
  • much more….

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Hydraulic Manifold Design with Solidworks

Today I designed this nice manifold with MDTools for Solidworks.

Manifold Block designed with MDTools for Solidworks

Manifold Block designed with MDTools for Solidworks

The ability to start from the hydraulic circuit with HyDraw means design accuracy and time savings.
You don’t need to always look back at the circuit to check if you are doing something wrong because you start from automatically generated cavity list and connectivity net list

HyDraw is the only solution to capture circuit informations which can be exported to MDTools for Solidworks. A perfect circuit design tool, smart enough to talk to your CAD system.

MDTools will check for you wall thickness and block connectivity, helping the designer in doing his job better and quickly.

MDTools is the perfect add-in to help hydraulic manifold designers with Solidworks.

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