QuickManifolds.com and your MDTools Material Library

This short article will explain you how to select your MDTools Material library within QuickManifolds interface. In this way you can get a manifold with a material X-section belonging to your standard production.

Quickmanifolds can read your MDTools material library, like he does with your MDTools cavity library.
Please make sure you have some data in your material library, at least most used X-sections from your warehouse.

Example of MDTools Material Library

Example of MDTools Material Library

Please verify that under HyDraw options, QuickManifolds tab, you set your correct MDTools library path (otherwise quickmanifolds will use its standard cavity library and x-section)

‘Design’ tab: please select the material library you want quickmanifolds to start with.
You should do the same with construction ports library.

Select material library and construction ports

Quickmanifolds will deliver you a manifold with a x-section from your library. In this case it’s a 100×100 mm manifold designed with Patented Autorouter Technology by QuickManifolds.com.

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HyDraw V600 demo

A full video describing HyDraw V600 from VEST, inc for Microsoft Visio.
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